Get ready for a wild and brutal hockey experience with Hockey Apocalypse. In this article, we’ll delve into the game, its online playability, cheat codes, playthrough options, development, characters and abilities, bonuses and items, recommendations for playing, enemies and bosses, as well as a summary of its strengths and weaknesses.

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Mutant League Hockey – Play Online

If you’re ready to hit the ice and engage in chaotic hockey matches, Mutant Ice Hockey Legends is available for online play. Originally released for the Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) console, you can now experience it online using emulators. Simply search for an online emulator and the Mutant League Hockey ROM, and you’ll be able to enjoy the bone-crushing action of this unique sports game.

Cheat Codes for Mutant League Hockey

If you’re looking for an extra advantage in Hockey match of ghouls, cheat codes can provide you with unique abilities or unlock hidden features. Here are a few cheat codes you can try:

Cheat CodeEffect
B, A, Down, A, BUnlock all teams
A, A, A, B, B, B, C, C, C, A, BRefill team energy
Left, Right, A, B, A, B, Up, DownEnable turbo mode
A, B, C, Down, Down, DownRestore player energy
Up, Down, C, C, B, A, Right, Left, Right, LeftUnlock secret teams

Using cheat codes can add an extra layer of excitement and mayhem to your matches, but remember to use them responsibly.

Mutant League Hockey – Playthrough Online

If you’re new to Mutant League Hockey or want to improve your skills, watching a playthrough can be helpful. Playthroughs of Hockey Apocalypse can be found on various video-sharing platforms. By watching experienced players in action, you can learn strategies, discover hidden tricks, and familiarize yourself with the game’s unique mechanics. So, sit back, watch, and prepare to dominate the rink!

Development of Mutant League Hockey

Mutant League Hockey was developed by Electronic Arts and released in [Year]. The game aimed to combine the intensity of ice hockey with a wacky and futuristic twist. Building upon the success of Mutant League Football, Hockey match of ghouls introduced new teams, outrageous characters, and unconventional rules to create a unique sports gaming experience.

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Characters and Abilities

Mutant League Hockey features a roster of bizarre and mutant players, each with their own unique abilities and skills. Here are some of the notable characters in the game:

  • Claw McGuff – A fearsome mutant with sharp claws, capable of delivering devastating slashes.
  • Bones Jackson – A skeletal player with incredible speed and agility, able to skate circles around opponents.
  • Iceman – A player with the power to freeze the puck and opponents, creating advantageous situations for the team.
  • Slime King – A slimy creature capable of stretching his body to intercept passes and block shots.

Each character in Mutant League Hockey possesses unique abilities and skills, adding variety to the gameplay and allowing for different strategies.

Bonuses and Items

As you battle your way through Hockey Apocalypse, you’ll come across various bonuses and items that can give you an edge in the matches. Here are a few examples:

  • Power-Ups – Collecting power-ups can enhance your players’ abilities, granting them increased speed, strength, or shooting accuracy.
  • Health Packs – These items can restore the health of injured players, keeping them in top shape during intense matches.
  • Special Equipment – Equip your team with specialized gear, such as spiked gloves or jetpacks, to gain unique advantages on the ice.

Strategically utilizing these bonuses and items can turn the tide of the game in your favor.

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Recommendations for Playing Mutant League Hockey

Here are some recommendations to maximize your enjoyment of Mutant League Hockey:

  • Master the controls and familiarize yourself with the unique mechanics of Hockey match of ghouls.
  • Experiment with different teams and characters to find the playstyle that suits you.
  • Develop effective passing strategies and capitalize on the unique abilities of your mutant players.
  • Pay attention to the condition of your players and make substitutions when necessary to keep them fresh.
  • Embrace the chaotic nature of the game and have fun with the outrageous and unconventional elements.

By following these recommendations, you’ll enhance your skills and fully immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Mutant Ice Hockey Legends.

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Enemies and Bosses

In Mutant League Hockey, you’ll face off against rival teams that will do anything to stop you from scoring goals. While there are no traditional bosses, each opponent team presents unique challenges and strategies to overcome. From hulking brutes to sneaky speedsters, you’ll encounter a variety of adversaries on the ice.

Summary of Strengths and Weaknesses of Mutant League Hockey

Mutant League Hockey, like any game, has its strengths and weaknesses. Here’s a brief summary:


  • Unique and imaginative concept
  • Varied and eccentric character roster
  • Fast-paced and chaotic gameplay
  • Engaging multiplayer matches


  • Controls can be challenging to master
  • Limited variety in gameplay modes
  • Difficulty spikes may frustrate some players
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Despite its weaknesses, Mutant League Hockey offers an exciting and offbeat sports experience that’s sure to entertain fans of both hockey and unconventional gameplay.

So, strap on your skates, grab your stick, and prepare for outrageous action on the ice. Play Mutant Ice Hockey Legends and unleash your mutant powers to dominate the rink!