688 Attack Sub is a classic submarine simulation game originally released for the Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) console. In this article, we will explore various aspects of the game, including how to play it online using an emulator, cheat codes, playthroughs, development history, characters and abilities, bonuses and items, recommendations for playing, and an overview of the game’s strengths and weaknesses.

688 Attack Sub: Play Online

If you’re feeling nostalgic and want to experience 688 Attack Sub, you can play it online using a Sega Genesis emulator. There are several websites that offer a selection of Sega Genesis games, including 688 Attack Sub, which you can play directly in your web browser. Simply search for “688 Attack Sub online emulator” and you’ll find multiple options to choose from. This allows you to relive the excitement of commanding a submarine and engaging in intense naval battles.

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Cheat Codes for 688 Attack Sub

To enhance your gameplay experience or simply have some fun, there are cheat codes available for 688 Attack Sub. These codes can provide various advantages such as unlimited ammo, invincibility, or unlocking hidden features. Here are a few popular cheat codes:

Cheat CodeDescription
InvincibleMakes your submarine invulnerable to enemy attacks
All WeaponsGives you access to all available weapons
Unlimited TorpedoesProvides an infinite supply of torpedoes
Unlimited SonarAllows unlimited use of the sonar system
Instant WinAutomatically completes the current mission with a victory
Unlock All LevelsUnlocks all missions and levels in the game
Disable Enemy WeaponsDisables all enemy submarine weapons

To activate these cheat codes, you typically need to enter them during gameplay or at specific screens, depending on the emulator or version of the game you are playing. Experiment with different codes to discover new ways to enjoy 688 Attack Sub.

688 Attack Sub – Playthrough Online

A playthrough of 688 Attack Sub showcases the game’s mechanics, missions, and overall gameplay experience. Watching a playthrough can be helpful in learning the ropes, uncovering strategies, or simply reliving the game’s nostalgic moments. You can find playthroughs of 688 Attack Sub on popular video-sharing platforms such as YouTube. Some channels specialize in retro gaming and may have dedicated playthroughs of this classic submarine simulation.

Development of 688 Attack Sub

688 Attack Sub was developed by Electronic Arts and released in 1989. It was designed by John W. Ratcliff and produced by Ned Lerner. The game aimed to provide a realistic submarine simulation experience, putting players in command of a Los Angeles-class fast attack submarine. The developers collaborated with submarine experts to ensure accuracy and authenticity in the game’s mechanics, controls, and scenarios.

688 Attack Sub received critical acclaim for its attention to detail and immersive gameplay. It offered a unique blend of strategic planning, tactical combat, and simulation elements, making it a standout title in the submarine simulation genre.

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Characters and Abilities in 688 Attack Sub

688 Attack Sub focuses on the player’s role as a submarine captain, so there are no individual characters with distinct abilities. However, as the captain, you possess various abilities and tools at your disposal. These include:

  • Sonar: Detect and track enemy vessels.
  • Torpedoes: Launch torpedoes to engage and destroy enemy ships.
  • Missiles: Fire missiles to attack land-based targets.
  • Decoys: Deploy decoys to divert enemy torpedoes.
  • Electronic Countermeasures (ECM): Utilize ECM to disrupt enemy targeting systems.

Mastering these abilities and understanding their strategic use is key to successfully completing missions and surviving the treacherous waters you’ll encounter in the game.

Bonuses and Items in 688 Attack Sub

During your missions in 688 Attack Sub, you may come across bonuses and items that can aid you in your objectives. These can include:

  • Refueling Ships: Encounter refueling ships to replenish your submarine’s fuel and extend your operational range.
  • Supply Ships: Intercept supply ships to restock your torpedoes and missiles.
  • Ammo Depots: Locate hidden ammo depots that provide additional firepower.
  • Repair Bays: Discover repair bays to fix any damage sustained during battles.

These bonuses and items can be crucial in maintaining your submarine’s combat effectiveness and increasing your chances of success. Be vigilant and exploit these opportunities whenever they arise.

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Recommendations for Playing 688 Attack Sub

To make the most of your experience with 688 Attack Sub, here are some recommendations:

  • Take the time to learn and understand the game’s controls, mechanics, and navigation systems.
  • Pay close attention to sonar readings and use them to plan your engagements.
  • Develop effective strategies for evading enemy torpedoes and launching successful counterattacks.
  • Monitor your resources and make strategic decisions regarding fuel, torpedoes, and missiles.
  • Stay updated with mission briefings to understand your objectives and any changing conditions.

By following these recommendations, you’ll improve your chances of completing missions successfully and becoming a skilled submarine commander.

Enemies and Bosses in 688 Attack Sub

In 688 Attack Sub, you will face a variety of enemies, including enemy submarines, surface vessels, and aircraft. Each type of enemy presents different challenges and requires different tactics to defeat. As you progress through the game, you may encounter more formidable adversaries and even face boss battles against heavily armed enemy warships.

It’s crucial to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents, exploit their vulnerabilities, and make effective use of your submarine’s capabilities to overcome these challenges.

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Summary of Strengths and Weaknesses of 688 Attack Sub

688 Attack Sub offers several strengths that contribute to its appeal:

  • Realistic submarine simulation with detailed mechanics and controls.
  • Engaging gameplay that combines strategic planning, tactical combat, and simulation elements.
  • Challenging missions and varied enemy encounters that provide a sense of progression.
  • Authenticity and attention to detail, thanks to collaboration with submarine experts.

However, the game also has a few weaknesses:

  • Steep learning curve for newcomers to the submarine simulation genre.
  • Graphical limitations due to the hardware capabilities of the Sega Genesis.
  • Limited replayability once all missions have been completed.

Despite these weaknesses, 688 Attack Sub remains a beloved classic for fans of submarine simulations and retro gaming enthusiasts.

In conclusion, 688 Attack Sub is a remarkable submarine simulation game that offers a unique and immersive experience. Whether you play it online using an emulator, explore cheat codes, or watch playthroughs, this game continues to captivate players with its challenging missions, strategic gameplay, and attention to detail. So, prepare to dive deep and engage in thrilling underwater battles as you command your very own 688 Attack Sub.

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