Military Soldier is an action-packed run-and-gun game for Sega Genesis. Players control a genetically modified bird-man hybrid named Epsilon-Eagle, as he battles through intense levels filled with challenging boss fights. With fluid controls and diverse weapon options, AS is a thrilling ride from start to finish.

Alien Soldier – Playthrough online

Characters and their abilities in Alien Soldier

1. Epsilon-Eagle

  • Genetically modified bird-man hybrid
  • Can run, jump, dash, and hover in mid-air
  • Has a variety of weapons, including a machine gun, a flamethrower, and a homing laser
  • Can perform a special move called “Phoenix Force” which grants invincibility and increased damage for a short time

2. Bosses

  • Each boss has a unique appearance and attack patterns
  • Some bosses have multiple forms, each with its own set of abilities
  • Defeating bosses earns players new abilities and upgrades

3. Supporting Characters

  • Some characters provide information and advice to the player throughout the game
  • Others offer upgrades and power-ups to aid in combat
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Bonuses and Items

1. Power-ups

  • Health: Restores Epsilon-Eagle’s health
  • Armor: Increases Epsilon-Eagle’s defense
  • Phoenix Force: Grants invincibility and increased damage for a short time

2. Upgrades

  • Weapon Upgrades: Increases the power and effectiveness of Epsilon-Eagle’s weapons
  • Mobility Upgrades: Improves Epsilon-Eagle’s movement speed and jumping abilities

3. Bonus Stages

  • Hidden levels that offer players a chance to earn extra lives and power-ups
  • Requires players to complete a set of challenges within a time limit

4. Gems

  • Collectible items scattered throughout the game
  • Can be traded in for upgrades and power-ups
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Recommendations for playing Alien Soldier

1. Master the Controls

  • Practice Epsilon-Eagle’s movements and attacks to become proficient in combat
  • Experiment with different weapon combinations to find what works best for each level and boss

2. Pay Attention to Boss Patterns

  • Study each boss’s attack patterns and weaknesses to determine the best strategy for defeating them
  • Be patient and don’t rush attacks, as some bosses require careful timing and positioning to defeat

3. Explore Each Level

  • Search for hidden areas and bonus stages to collect gems and power-ups
  • Take advantage of environmental elements, such as destructible objects and moving platforms, to navigate levels

4. Be Prepared for a Challenge

  • Space Marine is a difficult game, so expect to die and retry levels multiple times
  • Stay patient and persistent, and don’t be afraid to take breaks if needed
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Enemies and Bosses

1. Enemies

  • Alien creatures that appear throughout the game
  • Each type of enemy has its own unique attack pattern and behavior
  • Some enemies can be defeated easily, while others require specific strategies or weapons

2. Mini-bosses

  • Appear at the end of some levels and act as a prelude to the main boss
  • Require a mix of dodging and attacking to defeat
  • Defeating mini-bosses grants access to bonus stages and power-ups

3. Main Bosses

  • Appear at the end of each level and are the main challenges of the game
  • Each boss has a unique appearance, attack pattern, and weakness
  • Defeating bosses earns players new abilities and upgrades
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Summary of Strong and Weak Points of Alien Soldier

Strong Points:

  • Intense and challenging gameplay that requires skill and strategy
  • Fluid controls that allow for precise movements and attacks
  • Diverse and powerful weapons and abilities
  • Memorable and well-designed boss battles
  • Hidden bonus stages and collectibles that add replayability

Weak Points:

  • High difficulty level may be a turn-off for some players
  • Short length compared to other games in the genre
  • Graphics and sound effects are dated by modern standards
  • Minimal storyline and character development
  • Limited variety in enemy types and behaviors
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Overall, Military Soldier is a must-play for fans of the run-and-gun genre. With its intense action, diverse weapons and abilities, and challenging boss battles, the game offers a thrilling and satisfying experience for those willing to take on its high difficulty level. While it may have some weaknesses, its strengths far outweigh them, making it a standout title on the Sega Genesis console.

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Alien Soldier FAQs

Are there any secrets or hidden content in Space Marine?

There are no known secrets or hidden content in Xenowarrior.

Can I play Alien Soldier online?

No, AS for the Sega Genesis does not have online capabilities. It is a single-player game.

How does Alien Soldier compare to other games of its time?

Cosmic Commando is highly regarded and considered one of the standout action games on the Sega Genesis. It is known for its challenging gameplay, impressive visuals, and unique boss battles.

How To Enter Cheat On Sega AS?

There are no known cheat codes or methods to enter cheats in Military Soldier for the Sega Genesis.

How to play Alien Soldier?

To play Cosmic Commando, you control Epsilon-Eagle and navigate through fast-paced side-scrolling levels, using a variety of weapons and abilities to defeat enemies and bosses. Quick reflexes, precise shooting, and strategic decision-making are key to success.

Is Alien Soldier A Difficult Game?

Cosmic Commando is known for its high difficulty level. It requires fast reflexes, precise timing, and mastery of the game's mechanics to overcome its challenging levels and boss encounters. It is often considered a game for experienced players.

Is there a walkthrough available for Alien Soldier?

There may be walkthroughs available online that provide tips and strategies for playing Military Soldier. These resources can help players navigate through the game's challenging levels and boss battles.


The gameplay in AS involves fast-paced side-scrolling action, with the player controlling Epsilon-Eagle through challenging levels and engaging in intense boss battles. The game features a wide variety of weapons and abilities.

Which Version Of Alien Soldier Is Better?

Space Marine was primarily released for the Sega Genesis, and there is no definitive "better" version. The gameplay experience would be similar across different platforms.


The main character in Extraterrestrial Trooper is Epsilon-Eagle, a genetically enhanced soldier who battles against an alien threat. The focus of the game is more on the action and gameplay rather than specific character backgrounds or development.