Cheat Codes for Revenge of Shinobi

Enhance your gameplay in Revenge of Shinobi with cheat codes. Here are a few cheat codes you can try:

  • Invincibility: Enter the code “ABACABB” to make your character invulnerable to enemy attacks.
  • All Power-ups: Input the code “IAMASHININGSTAR” to acquire all power-ups, including shurikens, ninjutsu, and extra lives.
  • Level Select: Use the code “UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, A + START” to access a level select menu.

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Revenge of Shinobi – Playthrough Online

If you’re looking for a complete playthrough of Shinobi’s Payback, you can find online videos and walkthroughs that guide you through each level, showcase strategies, and reveal secrets. These playthroughs offer valuable insights, tips, and techniques to help you navigate the game’s challenges and defeat its powerful bosses.

Unravel the mysteries shrouded within the game, unlocking the latent potential of your character. From augmenting combat prowess to obtaining specialized abilities, each hidden power-up bestows upon the player an edge in their journey towards mastery.

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Characters and Abilities

Revenge of Shinobi features the main character Joe Musashi, a skilled ninja on a mission to rescue his kidnapped bride. Joe possesses a range of impressive abilities, including:

  • Shurikens: Use Joe’s throwing stars to attack enemies from a distance.
  • Ninjutsu Techniques: Unlock powerful ninjutsu skills that unleash devastating attacks, such as fireballs or tornadoes.
  • Acrobatics: Utilize Joe’s agility to jump, climb walls, and perform acrobatic maneuvers.
  • Stealth: Employ stealth tactics to sneak past enemies or perform surprise attacks.

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Deciphering Boss Weaknesses and Strategies

Boss encounters in Sega Genesis’ renowned online game demand not just brute force but also strategic finesse. By dissecting their vulnerabilities and devising tailored strategies, players can tilt the odds in their favor and emerge victorious.

Shadow MasterLightning attacksUtilize swift movements and lightning-based attacks to exploit his vulnerability to electricity. Stay nimble to evade his deadly strikes.
Fire DragonWater-based attacksEquip water-based abilities or weapons to douse the flames of this formidable foe. Timing and precision are crucial to avoid getting engulfed in its fiery wrath.
Ice NinjaFire-based attacksHarness the power of fire to melt through the icy defenses of this frosty adversary. Keep a distance to avoid being frozen solid by his chilling assaults.
Thunder SamuraiEarth-based attacksUnleash earth-based abilities to shake the foundations of this thunderous warrior’s strength. Dodge his lightning-fast strikes while seizing opportunities to retaliate.

Remember, mastering the art of exploiting boss weaknesses and formulating effective strategies is the key to conquering the challenges that await in the world of Sega Genesis classics.

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Unravel the secrets of nimble movement, precise strikes, and strategic evasion as you navigate the perilous adventures that await.

One of the hallmarks of a true ninja master is the seamless flow of movement in combat. Learn to dance between adversaries with grace and precision, exploiting every opportunity to gain the upper hand. Embrace agility as your ally and master the art of swift navigation through the chaos of battle.

Revenge of Shinobi FAQs

Are there any secrets or hidden content in Shinobi's Payback?

Revenge of Shinobi contains several secrets and hidden content, including hidden power-ups, bonus stages, and unlockable abilities. Players can discover these secrets by exploring levels and interacting with the environment.

How does Revenge of Shinobi compare to other games of its time?

Shinobi Strikes Back is highly regarded as one of the best action platformers on the Sega Genesis. It is known for its challenging gameplay, diverse levels, and iconic boss battles, which set it apart from other games of its time.

How Many Bosses Are In Shinobi's Payback?

Revenge of Shinobi features multiple challenging boss battles throughout the game. The exact number of bosses may vary as players progress through the levels.

How to play Revenge of Shinobi?

To play Shinobi Strikes Back, players need to navigate Joe Musashi through various side-scrolling levels, defeat enemies, avoid obstacles, and engage in intense boss battles using his ninja abilities.

Is there a walkthrough available for Revenge of Shinobi?

Yes, there are walkthroughs and guides available online that provide step-by-step instructions on how to progress through the game and overcome its challenges.

What Are The Secrets Of The Game Shinobi Strikes Back?

The secrets of Revenge of Shinobi include hidden power-ups, extra lives, and bonus stages that can be discovered by exploring the levels and interacting with specific objects or defeating certain enemies.

WHAT IS Revenge of Shinobi FOR SEGA?

Shinobi Strikes Back for Sega is an action platformer game where players control the ninja warrior Joe Musashi in his quest to defeat the evil crime syndicate Zeed and rescue his kidnapped love interest.

What MakesShinobi's Payback Special?

Revenge of Shinobi is known for its tight controls, challenging gameplay, memorable boss battles, and impressive graphics and sound design. It also features guest appearances from popular characters such as Spider-Man and Batman.


The main character in Shinobi's Payback is Joe Musashi, a skilled ninja warrior who seeks revenge against the criminal organization Zeed. Other characters include Joe's love interest, Naoko, and various bosses and enemies encountered throughout the game.