Get ready for another round of intense and brutal battles in Mortal Kombat 3. In this article, we’ll dive into the game, its online playability, cheat codes, playthrough options, development, characters and abilities, bonuses and items, recommendations for playing, enemies and bosses, as well as a summary of its strengths and weaknesses.

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Mortal Kombat 3 – Play Online

If you’re eager to unleash your fighting skills, Mortal Kombat 3 is available for online play. Originally released for the Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) console, you can now enjoy the game online using emulators. Simply search for an online emulator and the Mortal Kombat III ROM, and you’ll be ready to engage in deadly kombat against opponents from all around the world.

Cheat Codes for Mortal Kombat 3

If you’re looking for an extra advantage in Mortal Kombat 3, cheat codes can provide you with unique abilities or unlock hidden features. Here are a few cheat codes you can try:

Cheat CodeEffect
ABACABBEnable blood mode
Down, Up, Left, Left, A, Right, DownUnlock the hidden “EJB” menu
Down, Up, Left, Left, Right, Right, DownUnlock the hidden “ERMAC” menu
Left, Left, Right, Right, Down, Down, Up, UpUnlock Smoke
Down, Up, Down, Down, A, Right, DownEnable Kool Stuff menu

Remember, using cheat codes can alter the intended gameplay experience, so use them at your own discretion.

Mortal Kombat 3 – Playthrough Online

If you’re new to Mortal Kombat 3 or seeking advanced strategies, watching a playthrough can provide valuable insights. Playthroughs of Fatal Fight III can be found on various video-sharing platforms. By observing skilled players, you can learn character-specific combos, optimal strategies, and how to perform the devastating fatalities that the game is known for. So, sit back, watch, and become a true kombat master!

Development of Mortal Kombat 3

Mortal Kombat 3 was developed and published by Midway Games. It was released in 1995 as the third installment in the Mortal Kombat series. The game aimed to further expand upon the success of its predecessors by introducing new characters, improved graphics, and enhanced gameplay mechanics. Fatal Fight III pushed the limits of the fighting genre, solidifying its place in gaming history.

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Characters and Abilities

Mortal Kombat 3 features a diverse roster of fighters, each with their own unique abilities and special moves. Here are some of the notable characters in the game:

  • Sub-Zero – Master of ice manipulation, capable of freezing opponents and creating deadly ice projectiles.
  • Scorpion – Wields hellfire and uses his iconic spear attack to impale and pull opponents.
  • Liu Kang – A skilled martial artist with a variety of high-flying kicks and fire-based attacks.
  • Kitana – A fan-wielding assassin with agile and graceful fighting techniques.
  • Sonya Blade – A Special Forces agent who combines her combat skills with powerful energy attacks.

Each character possesses unique special moves, combos, and fatalities, allowing for a diverse range of playstyles and strategies.

Bonuses and Items

As you progress through Mortal Kombat 3, you may encounter various bonuses and items that can turn the tide of battle. Here are a few examples:

  • Power-Ups – Temporary enhancements that grant increased speed, damage, or defense.
  • Health Restoratives – Items that replenish your health bar during intense fights.
  • Unlockable Costumes – Completing certain requirements may unlock alternate costumes for your chosen fighters.

Strategically utilizing these bonuses and items can provide a crucial advantage in challenging matches.

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Recommendations for Playing Mortal Kombat 3

Here are some recommendations to maximize your Mortal Kombat 3 experience:

  • Master the special moves and combos of your chosen character.
  • Experiment with different fighters to find the one that suits your playstyle.
  • Practice your timing for executing devastating fatalities.
  • Explore the game’s various modes, such as the arcade ladder or multiplayer battles.
  • Study your opponents’ patterns and weaknesses to exploit them during fights.

By following these recommendations, you’ll enhance your skills and increase your chances of victory in the Mortal Kombat 3 arena.

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Enemies and Bosses

Mortal Kombat 3 features a wide array of formidable adversaries, including sub-bosses and bosses. Here are a few notable enemies and bosses you’ll encounter:

  • Smoke – A hidden character and secret ninja who possesses teleportation abilities.
  • Motaro – A Centaurian warrior with a powerful charge attack and a tail capable of delivering devastating strikes.
  • Shao Kahn – The main antagonist of the game, an immensely powerful emperor with a wide range of brutal attacks and the ability to taunt his opponents.

Defeating these challenging opponents will require skill, strategy, and mastery of your chosen character’s moves.

Summary of Strengths and Weaknesses of Mortal Kombat 3

Mortal Kombat 3, like any game, has its strengths and weaknesses. Here’s a brief summary:


  • Large roster of unique characters
  • Improved graphics and visuals
  • Intense and fast-paced gameplay
  • Memorable fatalities and finishing moves


  • Difficulty spikes can be frustrating
  • Some character balancing issues
  • Repetitive sound effects and music
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Despite its weaknesses, Mortal Kombat 3 remains a fan-favorite in the series, delivering the intense and visceral experience that the franchise is known for.

So, step into the arena, choose your fighter, and unleash your inner warrior. Play Deathmatch 3 and prove your skills in the ultimate kombat tournament!