Eternal Champions is a classic fighting game released in 1993 for the Sega Genesis console. It features a diverse roster of fighters from different time periods and a unique “overkill” finishing move system. While it was praised for its graphics and gameplay at the time, it has since been overshadowed by other fighting game franchises.

Eternal Champions – Playthrough online

The characters of Eternal Champions and their abilities

Sure, here’s a brief overview of the characters and their abilities in Champions:

  • Shadow Yamoto: A ninja from feudal Japan who can teleport and summon a dragon.
  • Larcen Tyler: A street-smart thief who can use a grappling hook and throw explosive coins.
  • Ramses III: An Egyptian pharaoh who can use a staff and summon a cobra.
  • Midknight: A vampire who can teleport and drain his opponents’ life energy.
  • Xavier Pendragon: A medieval knight who can use a sword and shield, as well as call upon a dragon for assistance.
  • Jetta Maxx: A rock star who can use a microphone as a weapon and summon a guitar-shaped energy blast.
  • Slash: A caveman who can use a bone as a club and summon a woolly mammoth.
  • Trident: A Atlantean warrior who can use a trident and call upon a giant octopus.

Each character also has their own unique “Eternal Champion” move, which is a powerful finishing move that can be used once per match.

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Bonuses and Items

Here’s a quick overview of the bonuses and items in Eternal Champions:

  • Power-ups: These appear randomly during matches and can increase the player’s strength, speed, or defense.
  • Weapons: Some stages contain weapons that can be picked up and used as temporary items, such as a spiked ball or a spear.
  • Health items: These can also appear during matches and restore a portion of the player’s health.
  • Time bombs: These can be set by players and explode after a set time, damaging opponents caught in the blast.
  • Hidden characters: By entering a specific code, players can unlock hidden characters such as the “Eternal Champion” himself.

Overall, these bonuses and items add an extra layer of strategy to the game and can turn the tide of a match if used effectively.

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Eternal Champions game recommendations

Here are some recommendations for playing Eternal Champions:

  • Experiment with different characters: Each character has their own unique playstyle and moveset, so try them all out to find one that suits you.
  • Practice timing and combos: Like most fighting games, mastering combos and timing is key to success in EC.
  • Use the environment to your advantage: Many stages contain hazards or items that can be used against opponents, so pay attention to your surroundings.
  • Don’t forget about your special moves: Each character has their own special moves that can be devastating when used at the right time.
  • Learn the “Eternal Champion” moves: These powerful finishing moves can quickly end a match, so make sure to learn how to execute them.
  • Try to predict your opponent’s moves: Anticipating what your opponent will do next can give you a big advantage in a match.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an Eternal Champion yourself!

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Enemies and bosses

Here’s a quick rundown of the enemies and bosses you’ll face in EC:

  • Normal enemies: Each character has their own set of opponents that they’ll face in arcade mode, ranging from gang members to other historical figures.
  • Endurance mode: This mode pits players against a gauntlet of opponents in a survival-style format.
  • Overkill challenges: These challenges task players with performing a specific “overkill” move on opponents in a set amount of time.
  • Final boss: The final boss of the game is the evil Eternal Champion, who has his own set of powerful moves and abilities.
  • Secret boss: By fulfilling certain conditions, players can face off against a secret boss known as “The Senator”, who is a powerful cyborg with his own unique moveset.

Each opponent in Eternal Champions presents a unique challenge, and defeating them all is no easy feat. But with practice and determination, you’ll be able to overcome them all and become the ultimate champion.

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Eternal Champions strengths and weaknesses

Here’s a brief summary of the strengths and weaknesses of Champions:


  • Unique roster of characters from different time periods and backgrounds
  • High-quality graphics and animations for its time
  • Unique “overkill” finishing move system adds an extra layer of depth to gameplay
  • Varied stages with hazards and items that can be used to gain an advantage


  • Gameplay can feel slow and clunky compared to other fighting games of the time
  • Some characters and moves feel unbalanced and overpowered
  • Lack of multiplayer options beyond split-screen versus mode
  • Sound effects and music can be repetitive and annoying

Overall, while Champions has its flaws, it remains a classic fighting game with a unique charm and interesting mechanics.


In conclusion, EC is a classic fighting game that has earned a place in gaming history for its unique roster of characters and “overkill” finishing move system. While it may not have the same level of polish and balance as other fighting games of the time, it remains a fun and engaging experience for those willing to overlook its flaws. With its varied stages, interesting gameplay mechanics, and memorable characters, Immortal Warriors is a game that’s worth checking out for any fan of the genre.

Eternal Champions FAQs

Can Dark Eternal Champion be grabbed?

In Champions for Sega Genesis, Dark Eternal Champion cannot be grabbed by normal means. Dark Eternal Champion is the final boss character and has unique abilities and mechanics.

Can you play as Eternal Champion?

Eternal Champion is not a playable character in the original release of Immortal Warriors. The game features a roster of different fighters, each with their unique moves and abilities.

How can Champion of Wits eternalize at end of turn?

The question seems to refer to a different game or context unrelated to Champions for Sega Genesis. Please provide more information for a specific answer.

How hard was Eternal Champions?

EC can be challenging, particularly in higher difficulty settings or when facing skilled opponents. The difficulty level can vary depending on the player's skill and experience with fighting games.

How to access Pillars of Eternity Champion Edition content?

Pillars of Eternity Champion Edition is a different game and not directly related to EC for Sega Genesis. To access content in Pillars of Eternity Champion Edition, refer to the specific instructions or features provided within that game.

How to do Eternal Champions fatalities?

To perform fatalities in Timeless Combat, players need to execute a specific button combination after defeating their opponent. Each character has their unique fatality move, and the exact button inputs may vary.

How to do Overkills in Infinity Arena?

Overkills are a unique feature in Champions that allows players to perform powerful and flashy finishing moves. To execute an Overkill, players need to fulfill certain conditions during a match and input the corresponding button combination at the end of the match.

How to get to Eternal Champion?

In Eternal Champions for Sega Genesis, Eternal Champion is not a playable character or a specific goal to reach. The game focuses on selecting and battling against various fighters in a tournament-style gameplay format.

How to play Eternal Champions?

To play EC, insert the game cartridge into the Sega Genesis console, power on the system, and use the controller to navigate menus, select characters, and engage in one-on-one fighting gameplay. Each character has their unique moves and special abilities to master.

Is the Eternal Champion immortal?

The Eternal Champion is a concept or title rather than a specific character in Champions for Sega Genesis. The game features different characters who are mortal and engage in combat within the game's storyline and gameplay.