ClayFighter is a classic fighting game released in 1993 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The game features a cast of quirky characters made out of clay, with unique moves and special attacks. Despite its limited graphics and sound capabilities, Clay Brawl humor and fun gameplay make it a memorable title in the fighting game genre.

ClayFighter – Playthrough online

The characters of ClayFighter and their abilities

ClayFighter features a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique set of moves and special abilities. Here’s a rundown of some of the game’s most popular fighters:

Bad Mr. Frosty

  • Ice-based attacks
  • Can create icicles to throw at opponents
  • Can slide across the ground to knock down opponents


  • Stretchy arms and legs
  • Can whip opponents with her candy cane arms
  • Can launch herself into the air and rain down candy on opponents

Blue Suede Goo

  • Can transform into various musical instruments to attack opponents
  • Can summon a group of backup dancers to distract opponents
  • Can slide across the ground and leave a trail of goo behind him

These are just a few examples of the unique and entertaining characters in ClayFighter. Each fighter has their own strengths and weaknesses, making for a balanced and engaging gameplay experience.

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Bonuses and Items

In addition to the unique cast of characters, ClayFighter also features various power-ups and items that can give players an edge in battle. Here are some examples:

Ice Cubes

  • Restores a small amount of health
  • Can be found scattered throughout the levels


  • Deals damage to opponents
  • Can be thrown at opponents or found in the levels

Present Boxes

  • Contains a random power-up
  • Can be found by breaking open certain objects in the levels

Power Stars

  • Temporarily increases the player’s attack power
  • Can be found by defeating certain enemies in the levels

These power-ups and items can provide a strategic advantage in battles, and add an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay experience.

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ClayFighter game recommendations

If you’re looking to dive into the world of ClayFighter, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Experiment with different characters

  • Each character has their own unique playstyle, so try them all out to find the one that suits you best

Learn the special moves

  • Take the time to learn each character’s special moves and how to execute them, as they can be crucial in battles

Keep an eye out for power-ups and items

  • Power-ups and items can give you an advantage in battles, so be sure to explore each level thoroughly to find them

Practice, practice, practice

  • Like any fighting game, ClayFighter requires practice to master. Keep playing and refining your skills to become a formidable opponent

With these tips in mind, you’ll be ready to take on the colorful cast of characters in Clay Brawl and emerge victorious.

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Enemies and Bosses

ClayFighter features a variety of enemies and bosses that players must face in order to progress through the game. Here are some examples:


  • Small carrot enemies that hop around the levels
  • Can be defeated with a few hits

Dr. Kiln

  • The game’s main antagonist and final boss
  • Can shoot fireballs and summon a dragon made of lava
  • Requires strategic use of special moves and power-ups to defeat


  • A giant robot made of clay
  • Can shoot missiles and create shockwaves
  • Requires quick reflexes and precise timing to dodge attacks and retaliate

These enemies and bosses provide a fun and challenging obstacle for players to overcome, and add to the overall excitement of the game.

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ClayFighter strengths and weaknesses

Here’s a brief summary of the strengths and weaknesses of ClayFighter:


  • Unique and entertaining cast of characters made out of clay
  • Humorous and lighthearted tone
  • Varied special moves and abilities for each character
  • Fun and challenging boss battles


  • Limited graphics and sound capabilities due to its release on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System
  • May feel simplistic or repetitive to some players
  • Lacks the complexity and depth of more modern fighting games

Overall, Clay Brawl is a charming and enjoyable fighting game that stands out thanks to its unique premise and cast of characters. While it may not offer the same level of depth or complexity as more modern fighting games, it’s a fun and lighthearted experience that’s sure to put a smile on your face.

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In conclusion, ClayFighter is a classic fighting game that remains a memorable title in the genre thanks to its quirky cast of characters and lighthearted humor. While its graphics and sound may feel dated by today’s standards, the fun and engaging gameplay, along with the unique special moves and abilities of each character, make it a worthwhile experience for fans of fighting games. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer to the series, The Adventures of the Clay Fighter is a game that’s sure to provide plenty of entertainment and laughs.

ClayFighter FAQs

How to eat someone with the Blob in Clay Brawl?

In Gooey Grappler, the Blob character has a move called "Chomp" that allows him to devour opponents. To perform this move, input the specific button combination indicated in the game's move list while playing as the Blob.

How to unlock Earthworm Jim in Clay fighter battle?

Earthworm Jim is a character in ClayFighter 63 1/3 for the Nintendo 64, but he is not available in the Sega Genesis version of ClayFighter.

Is there anything like ClayFighter for Sega Genesis?

The Adventures of the Clay Fighter is a unique claymation fighting game and does not have a direct equivalent or similar game specifically for the Sega Genesis. However, there are other fighting games available on the Sega Genesis console.

Which is better, ClayFighter or Clay Fighter 2?

Opinions on which game is better, ClayFighter or ClayFighter 2, may vary among players. Both games have their own set of features, characters, and improvements. It ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Who made Gooey Grappler?

ClayFighter was developed by Visual Concepts and published by Interplay Entertainment. The game was released for various gaming platforms, including the Sega Genesis.

Who voiced Bonker in Clay Brawl?

Bonker, the clown character in Gooey Grappler, was voiced by Dan Castellaneta, who is best known for providing the voice of Homer Simpson in The Simpsons.

Why does Clay fighter battle suck?

The statement "ClayFighter sucks" is subjective and may vary from person to person. Some players may not enjoy the gameplay, characters, or mechanics of the game, while others may find it entertaining. It ultimately depends on individual preferences and opinions.

Are there any secrets or hidden content in The Adventures of the Clay Fighter?

ClayFighter features various secrets and hidden content, including unlockable characters, hidden stages, and Easter eggs. Discovering these secrets adds to the game's enjoyment and replayability.

Can I play ClayFighter online?

The original Sega Genesis version of The Adventures of the Clay Fighter does not support online play. However, there may be fan-made adaptations or modern versions of the game available online that allow multiplayer functionality.

Is Gooey Grappler A Difficult Game?

ClayFighter can be challenging, especially in later stages or against tougher opponents. Mastering the timing and execution of moves, as well as understanding each character's strengths and weaknesses, can improve your chances of success.