Altered Beast, a classic game initially released for the Sega Genesis (also known as Mega Drive), is a fantastic side-scrolling beat ’em up game that you can now enjoy online. Thanks to various online emulators, it’s now possible to experience the thrills of this game on your modern devices, all you need is an internet connection and a passion for retro gaming.

Several online platforms provide a secure and convenient way to play A.Beast. These websites often use an emulator that runs Sega Genesis games directly in your browser, allowing you to play Beast battle online anytime, anywhere.

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Cheat Codes for Altered Beast

For those looking for an edge or simply looking to enhance their playthrough, here are some cheat codes you can use for Altered Beast on the Sega Genesis:

Cheat CodeEffect
Hold A + B + C + StartAccess to level select on the title screen
Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right, Up + A + StartStarts the game with 5 lives

Altered Beast – Playthrough Online

A playthrough of Altered Beast provides an opportunity for both seasoned and new gamers to learn the strategies and nuances of the game. Numerous online platforms host video playthroughs of Beast, showing how experienced players tackle the different stages and enemies, morph into powerful creatures, and finally, defeat the game’s main antagonist, Neff.

Development of Altered Beast

Beast battle was developed by Sega and first released in arcades in 1988 before being ported to the Sega Genesis. It quickly gained popularity due to its unique gameplay mechanics and the ability for characters to morph into powerful beasts. Sega’s desire to showcase the graphical capabilities of the Genesis led to the creation of Altered Beast’s distinct and bold pixel art style, memorable to this day.

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Characters and Abilities

In Altered Beast, players take on the role of a Centurion, who is resurrected by Zeus to rescue his daughter Athena from the Underworld. As you advance through the game, your character collects spirit balls, which allow him to transform into various beasts with their own set of abilities.

Here are the beasts you can morph into and their unique abilities:

  • Werewolf: Has the ability to shoot fireballs and perform a long-range attack.
  • Weredragon: Capable of electrifying enemies and flying.
  • Weretiger: Able to leap great heights and has a long-range attack.
  • Werebear: Can turn enemies into stone and perform a short-range attack.
  • Golden Werewolf: Featured only in the final level with similar abilities as the werewolf.
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Bonuses and Items

Altered Beast features several bonus items that help you power up and defeat enemies. These items include Power Up orbs, which are crucial to your transformation into different beasts, and the Extra Life, which extends your survival in the game.

Recommendations for Playing Altered Beast

When playing Beast battle, keep the following recommendations in mind:

  • Always be on the move. The game involves lots of enemies spawning at different times and locations.
  • Master each beast’s abilities. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each beast form can help you advance through the levels.
  • Use your beast form wisely. Save your beast form for when it’s most needed, like during challenging fights.
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Enemies and Bosses

Altered Beast is filled with a plethora of enemies, each with different attack patterns and abilities. Each level ends with a boss fight against Neff in a different beast form.

Summary of Strengths and Weaknesses of Altered Beast


  • Unique transformation gameplay.
  • Diverse range of enemies and bosses.
  • Captivating pixel art graphics.
  • Gameplay may feel repetitive to some players.
  • Limited number of levels.

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Altered Beast FAQs

How many levels are in Beast battle?

Altered Beast consists of five levels. Each level has its unique setting and boss that the player must defeat to progress to the next stage.

How to play Altered Beast?

To play Beast battle on Sega Genesis, insert the game cartridge into the console, power on the system, and use the controller to navigate and control the character. The game is a side-scrolling beat 'em up where you fight enemies, collect power-ups, and transform into different beast forms by collecting spirit balls. Defeat enemies and bosses to progress through the levels and rescue the kidnapped Athena.

Are there any secrets or hidden content in Animal Fury?

Yes, Altered Beast has some secrets and hidden content. These may include secret power-ups, bonus stages, and hidden paths. Exploring the levels thoroughly and interacting with the environment can help uncover these secrets.

Are there cheat codes available for Beast battle?

Yes, there are cheat codes available for Altered Beast. These codes can provide various benefits such as extra lives, invincibility, and level select. They can be entered using the controller during gameplay.

Can I play Altered Beast online?

Yes, it is possible to play Animal Fury online through various platforms that offer Sega Genesis emulators or remastered versions of the game.

How Many Bosses Are In Altered Beast?

Beast battle features a total of five bosses throughout the game. Each boss presents a unique challenge and must be defeated to progress.

How Many Levels In Altered Beast?

History of the werewolf consists of five levels. Each level has its own set of enemies and obstacles that the player must overcome.

How To Enter Cheat On Sega Altered Beast?

To enter cheat codes in A.Beast for Sega Genesis, you typically need to input specific button combinations or sequences on the controller during gameplay. These codes can grant additional lives, power-ups, or other advantages.

How to play Altered Beast?

To play Animal Fury on Sega Genesis, insert the game cartridge into the console, power on the system, and use the controller to control the character. History of the werewolf is a side-scrolling beat 'em up game where you control a resurrected warrior who transforms into powerful beasts to defeat enemies and rescue the goddess Athena.

Is Altered Beast A Difficult Game?

Beast battle can be considered moderately challenging. The game becomes progressively harder as you advance through the levels. Mastering the controls, learning enemy patterns, and strategically using power-ups are key to overcoming the difficulty.

What Are The Secrets Of The Game Altered Beast?

The secrets in Saga of the Beast may include hidden power-ups, special transformations, and alternate routes. These can be discovered by exploring the levels thoroughly and defeating certain enemies.

WHAT IS Altered Beast FOR SEGA?

A.Beast is a classic video game released for Sega Genesis. It is a side-scrolling beat 'em up game that originally debuted in arcades. In the game, the player controls a warrior who must rescue the goddess Athena from the clutches of an evil sorcerer.


The gameplay in History of the werewolf involves side-scrolling action and beat 'em up combat. The player must navigate through levels, defeating enemies with punches, kicks, and special attacks. Collecting power-ups allows the player's character to transform into powerful beasts with enhanced abilities.

What is the objective of Beast battle?

The objective of Altered Beast is to rescue the goddess Athena, who has been kidnapped by the evil god of the underworld, Neff. The player must battle through hordes of undead creatures, defeat powerful bosses, and collect power-ups to become stronger and ultimately save Athena.