Sega was founded on June 3, 1960, in Tokyo, Japan, by a group of businessmen led by David Rosen. Originally, the company was called “Service Games” and focused on importing and distributing arcade games to US military bases in Japan.

In 1965, the company’s name was changed to “Sega Enterprises Ltd.” and they began to develop and publish their own arcade games. Sega’s first arcade game was a submarine simulator called “Periscope,” which was released in 1966.

Sega entered the home console market in 1983 with the release of the SG-1000 console in Japan. While the SG-1000 was not very successful, it laid the groundwork for Sega’s future home consoles.


In 1985, Sega released the Sega Master System, their first major success in the home console market. The Master System was a popular console that was known for its range of high-quality games and strong graphics capabilities.

Sega’s most successful console, the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, was released in 1988 and helped establish Sega as a serious competitor to Nintendo. The Genesis/Mega Drive was known for its range of classic games and innovative marketing campaigns, and it remains a beloved console among fans of classic video games.

Overall, Sega has had a long and storied history in the video game industry, with a legacy that continues to be felt today.