Herzog, developed by Technosoft, is a distinctive real-time strategy game that broke new ground on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive console. A combination of strategic planning, fast-paced action, and multiplayer competition, HZ is often recognized as a trailblazer in the RTS genre.

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Herzog Zwei play online

Thanks to online emulators, it is now possible to play Duo Generals directly on your computer without requiring the original Sega Genesis/Mega Drive console. This has opened up a whole new way for gamers to experience this innovative classic.

Cheat codes for Herzog Zwei

Enhance your playthrough of Herzog with these handy cheat codes:

Cheat CodeDescription
Hold A + B + C + Down/Left and press Start at the title screenProvides access to the configuration mode.
Hold A + B + C + Down/Left and press Start during game playImmediately ends the current level.

Herzog Zwei – Playthrough online

Playing Herzog Zwei online offers a unique RTS experience. The playthrough consists of managing your resources, controlling your mech units, and outmaneuvering your opponent. The online playthrough, with its multiplayer component, brings a fresh layer of competition to the gameplay.

Characters and Abilities

In Duo Generals, you control a mech that can transform between a high-speed jet and a ground-based combat unit. Each form has its strengths and weaknesses and managing the transformation is a key aspect of the gameplay.

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Bonuses and Items

The game offers a variety of items, including different types of units that you can build and command. These range from tanks and infantry to anti-aircraft guns and supply trucks.

Recommendations for Playing Herzog Zwei

Herzog Zwei is a complex and deep game that requires strategic thinking and quick decision-making. Here are some recommendations for your playthrough:

Manage Your Resources WiselyThe key to winning in Warlord Twins is effective resource management. Balance your spending between defense and offense.
Use the EnvironmentThe game’s maps feature different types of terrain that can be used strategically. Use these to your advantage.
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Enemies and Bosses

In Herzog Zwei, your primary opponent is the enemy commander, another mech similar to yours. The challenge comes from the strategic AI, which can adapt to your strategies and counter them effectively.

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Summary of Strengths and Weaknesses of Herzog Zwei

Herzog Duo stands out for its innovative gameplay, combining action and strategy in a way few other games of the era did. However, the game’s complex mechanics can be challenging to master, especially for newcomers to the RTS genre. Despite this, the unique blend of genres, multiplayer competitiveness, and the opportunity to play online or on an emulator makes Command Pair a must-play for any Sega Genesis/Mega Drive fan.

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Herzog Zwei FAQs

Can I play Herzog Zwei online?

No, Duo Generals for the Sega Genesis does not have online multiplayer capabilities as it was primarily designed for local multiplayer or single-player gameplay.

How Do I Play Herzog?

In Command Pair, you control a transforming mech known as an "Arms Fort" and engage in real-time strategy battles to capture bases, deploy units, and destroy the enemy's base. The goal is to outmaneuver and defeat your opponent.

How does Herzog Zwei compare to other games of its time?

HZ was highly regarded during its time and is considered one of the first real-time strategy games on the Sega Genesis. It offered a unique blend of action, strategy, and multiplayer gameplay that set it apart from other games.

How Many Bosses Are In Herzog Zwei?

Herzog Duo does not have traditional boss battles. The focus is more on strategic battles against other players or AI opponents.

Is HZ A Difficult Game?

Warlord Twins can be challenging due to its real-time strategy elements and the need for strategic thinking. It may require practice and familiarity with the game's mechanics to become proficient, but it offers a rewarding experience for players who enjoy strategic gameplay.

Is multiplayer available in Herzog Duo?

Yes, Duo Generals offers a multiplayer mode where two players can compete against each other in strategic battles on the same screen.

Is there a walkthrough available for Herzog Duo?

There may be guides or walkthroughs available online that provide tips and strategies for playing Duo Generals, although the game's strategic nature may not require extensive guidance.


The gameplay in Warlord Twins involves real-time strategy battles where players control an Arms Fort, capture bases, deploy units, and engage in combat to destroy the enemy's base. It requires strategic thinking, resource management, and tactical decision-making.

What makes Herzog Zwei a popular game?

Herzog Duo gained popularity for its groundbreaking real-time strategy gameplay, intense multiplayer battles, and its status as one of the earliest examples of the genre. It appealed to strategy game enthusiasts and Sega Genesis players looking for strategic multiplayer experiences.

Which Version Of Herzog Is Better?

Warlord Twins was primarily released for the Sega Genesis, and there is no definitive "better" version. The gameplay experience would be similar across different platforms.