Playing the Atomic Runner on the Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) has been a captivating experience for many gamers. Today, it’s possible to relive those moments and play Atomic Runner online using an emulator. Emulators recreate the gaming experience of the original hardware, offering you the ability to play the game on modern computers or mobile devices.

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Cheat codes for Atomic Runner

Like many games of its era, Atomic Runner also had its fair share of cheat codes. Here are a few:

  • Unlimited lives: At the title screen, hold A + B + C and press Start.
  • Level select: At the title screen, hold A + C + Up/Right and press Start.
  • Invincibility: During the game, pause and press A, B, C, B, A.

Atomic Runner – Playthrough online

Many gaming enthusiasts have uploaded their Atomic Runner playthroughs online. A playthrough is a full gameplay from beginning to end, sometimes completed with specific objectives or challenges. Playthroughs can be beneficial for players who are stuck at a particular level, or for those who wish to learn advanced techniques. Various playthroughs of Atomic Runner can be found on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch.

Development of Atomic Runner

Atomic Runner was developed by Data East and was first released in arcades in 1988. It was later ported to several home systems, most notably the Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) in 1992. The game is known for its unique gameplay mechanic where the character is always running, only being able to move left or right while continuously advancing forward.

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Characters and Abilities in Atomic Runner

The main character in Atomic Runner is Chelnov, a miner who gained superhuman abilities after surviving a nuclear accident. Chelnov’s abilities include:

  • Running: The character moves forward automatically.
  • Jumping: Chelnov can jump over obstacles or enemies.
  • Attacking: Chelnov can attack enemies with energy projectiles.

Bonuses and Items in Atomic Runner

Atomic Runner features various bonus items that can be collected to aid in the player’s journey. Some of the bonuses include:

Power UpIncreases the power of Chelnov’s attacks.
Extra LifeGives an additional life to the player.
ShieldProvides temporary invincibility against enemies’ attacks.
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Recommendations for Playing Atomic Runner

  1. Take advantage of Chelnov’s ability to attack in all directions. This is essential in tackling enemies from various angles.
  2. Keep moving and dodging enemy attacks. Remember, you are the Atomic Runner.
  3. Collect as many power-ups as possible. They significantly improve your survivability and offensive capabilities.

Enemies and Bosses in Atomic Runner

Chelnov must overcome various enemies and bosses in his journey. Enemies come in various types, each with their unique attack patterns. Bosses are more formidable and require strategic approach to defeat.

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Summary of Strengths and Weaknesses of Atomic Runner


  • Innovative and fast-paced gameplay.
  • Challenging enemies and bosses.
  • Diverse range of power-ups and bonuses.


  • High difficulty level can be frustrating for some players.
  • The always-running mechanic may not appeal to all players.
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Atomic Runner FAQs

How Do I Play Atomic Runner?

To play Atomic Runner on Sega Genesis, insert the game cartridge into the console, power on the system, and use the controller to control the character. Atomic Runner is a side-scrolling action game where you control a powerful runner equipped with a jetpack and energy blasts. Your goal is to navigate through levels, defeat enemies, and overcome obstacles.

How does Atomic Runner compare to other games of its time?

Atomic Runner was well-received during its time for its unique blend of side-scrolling action and platforming gameplay. It stands out with its distinctive art style and fast-paced gameplay, offering a different experience compared to other games of its era.

How Many Bosses Are In Atomic Runner?

Atomic Runner features a total of five bosses throughout the game. Each boss presents a unique challenge and must be defeated to progress.

How Many Levels In Atomic Runner?

Atomic Runner consists of seven levels. Each level is filled with enemies, hazards, and platforming challenges for the player to overcome.

Is Atomic Runner A Difficult Game?

Atomic Runner can be considered moderately challenging. The fast-paced gameplay and precise platforming require quick reflexes and careful navigation. However, with practice and familiarity with the game mechanics, players can overcome the challenges.

Is multiplayer available in Atomic Runner?

No, Atomic Runner does not feature multiplayer gameplay. It is a single-player experience where you control the main character on his journey.

WHAT IS Atomic Runner FOR SEGA?

Atomic Runner is an action game released for Sega Genesis. The game follows the story of a soldier who gains superhuman abilities to battle against an alien invasion. Equipped with a jetpack and energy blasts, the player must navigate through levels and defeat enemies.


The gameplay in Atomic Runner combines side-scrolling action, platforming, and shooting elements. The player controls the protagonist as he runs automatically, utilizing his jetpack and energy blasts to eliminate enemies and overcome obstacles. Precise timing and strategic use of abilities are crucial for success.

Which Version Of Atomic Runner Is Better?

Atomic Runner was primarily released for Sega Genesis. There are no significantly different versions of the game available, so the Sega Genesis version is considered the definitive one.