Phantasy Star IV is a classic role-playing game released in 1993. It features a compelling story, engaging characters, and a unique sci-fi/fantasy setting. The battle system is turn-based and features a combo system that adds depth to the gameplay. The graphics and sound are impressive for the time and still hold up well today. Overall, Phantasy Star IV is a must-play for fans of classic RPGs.

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Characters and Abilities in Phantasy Star IV:

  • Chaz Ashley: The main protagonist. He can use swords and has healing abilities.
  • Alys Brangwin: Chaz’s mentor. She specializes in daggers and can use fire-based techniques.
  • Hahn Mahlay: A scholar who can use magic to attack enemies and heal allies.
  • Rune Walsh: A powerful wizard who can use a wide range of offensive and defensive spells.
  • Gryz: A muscular warrior who uses axes and can learn powerful skills to deal massive damage.
  • Rika: A humanoid creature who can use claws to attack enemies and has strong healing abilities.
  • Demi: An android who can use a variety of support and attack skills.
  • Wren: A highly advanced android who specializes in ranged attacks and defensive skills.

Each character has their own unique set of skills and abilities that can be learned and upgraded as they level up. Players can mix and match party members to create a balanced team to tackle the game’s many challenges.

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Bonuses and Items in Phantasy Star IV:

  • Techniques: Powerful spells that can be learned by characters to deal damage, heal allies, or provide buffs.
  • Skills: Special abilities that characters can learn and upgrade to deal more damage or provide additional effects.
  • Weapons: Different types of weapons can be found or bought throughout the game, with varying stats and special effects.
  • Armor: Protective gear that can be equipped to boost defense and resistances against different types of attacks.
  • Items: Various items can be found or bought to heal HP or restore TP, cure status effects, or provide temporary buffs.
  • Rare Items: Certain rare items can be found through exploration or as rewards for completing quests, with powerful effects and abilities.
  • Technique and Skill Manuals: These items can be used to permanently teach a character a new technique or skill.

Players can gather and manage a variety of items and bonuses to improve their characters and better prepare them for battles and challenges throughout the game. Some items and bonuses can also be combined or used in different ways to create powerful effects or abilities.

Recommendations for Playing Phantasy Star IV:

  • Take your time to explore and talk to NPCs to uncover hidden secrets and quests.
  • Build a balanced team of characters and experiment with different combinations of skills and techniques.
  • Upgrade equipment regularly to ensure your party is well-equipped for battles.
  • Save often, as the game can be challenging and punishing at times.
  • Use defensive skills and techniques to protect your party and conserve TP during battles.
  • Complete side quests and defeat optional bosses to earn rare items and bonuses.
  • Pay attention to the story and dialogue, as it is a major highlight of the game.
  • Enjoy the unique sci-fi/fantasy setting and immerse yourself in the world of Phantasy Star IV.

Following these recommendations will help players fully appreciate and enjoy the rich gameplay and story of Phantasy Star IV.

Enemies and Bosses in Phantasy Star IV:

  • Monsters: Common enemies found throughout the game, with varying types and abilities.
  • Mini-Bosses: Stronger enemies that can be found guarding important areas or items.
  • Bosses: Powerful enemies that must be defeated to progress the story, with unique abilities and strategies.
  • Dark Force: A recurring antagonist who takes on different forms throughout the game.
  • Final Boss: The ultimate challenge of the game, with multiple forms and devastating attacks.

Players will face a variety of challenging enemies and bosses throughout the game, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Boss battles require careful planning and strategy, as they can be very difficult and punishing if not approached correctly. Defeating bosses and progressing through the story will reward players with new abilities, items, and bonuses to help them on their journey.

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Strengths and Weaknesses of Phantasy Star IV:


  • Engaging and well-written story with memorable characters and plot twists.
  • Unique sci-fi/fantasy setting that sets it apart from other RPGs of its time.
  • Impressive graphics and sound for its time, with detailed character and enemy designs.
  • Deep and rewarding gameplay with a wide variety of techniques, skills, and items to discover and use.
  • Challenging boss battles that require careful planning and strategy.


  • The game can be punishingly difficult at times, with high encounter rates and tough enemies.
  • The pacing can be slow, with long stretches of dialogue and exploration between battles.
  • The magic system can be confusing and difficult to master, with many spells having complex effects and requirements.
  • The game can be relatively short compared to other RPGs of its time, with only around 20-30 hours of gameplay.

Despite its weaknesses, Phantasy Star IV is a classic RPG that offers a rich and rewarding gameplay experience with a memorable story and setting.

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In conclusion, Phantasy Star IV is a timeless classic that still holds up well today. With its engaging story, memorable characters, and unique sci-fi/fantasy setting, it offers a deep and rewarding gameplay experience that will keep players hooked from start to finish. While it may have its flaws, its strengths far outweigh them, making it a must-play for fans of classic RPGs.

Phantasy Star IV FAQs

How do you save in Phantasy Star IV?

To save in Phantasy Star IV, players need to find and interact with a "Save Point" or visit an inn within the game. These locations allow players to save their progress and continue from that point in the future.

How good is Phantasy Star IV?

Phantasy Star IV is highly regarded as one of the best role-playing games on the Sega Genesis. It is praised for its engaging story, memorable characters, deep gameplay mechanics, and impressive graphics and sound design.

How long to beat Phantasy Star IV?

The average playtime to beat Phantasy Star IV is around 30-40 hours, depending on the player's playstyle, familiarity with the game, and their exploration of optional content.

How to get Tri-Blaster 100 for the final in Phantasy Star IV?

The Tri-Blaster 100 weapon can be acquired in Phantasy Star IV by defeating certain enemies or bosses, or by finding it in chests in specific locations. It is a powerful weapon that can be useful in the final battles of the game.

Where to play Phantasy Star IV?

Phantasy Star IV can be played on the Sega Genesis console or on compatible emulators for various platforms. It is not limited to a specific location or gaming platform.

Which Chinese character is in Phantasy Star IV?

Phantasy Star IV does not include a Chinese character among its main cast. However, the game features diverse characters from different races and backgrounds.

Who drew the cover of Phantasy Star IV?

The cover art for Phantasy Star IV was illustrated by a Japanese artist named Yoshitaka Amano. Amano is known for his distinctive art style and has created artwork for various other notable video game franchises.

Are there any secrets or hidden content in Phantasy Star IV?

Phantasy Star IV may contain secrets and hidden content, such as hidden items, secret areas, or easter eggs. Exploring the game world thoroughly and interacting with the environment can lead to the discovery of these secrets.

Is there a walkthrough available for Phantasy Star IV?

Walkthroughs and guides for Phantasy Star IV may be available, providing assistance in progressing through the game, solving puzzles, and optimizing character growth. These resources can help players fully experience the game and uncover its secrets.