The iconic Jackson’s Moonwalk, a Sega Genesis classic, remains one of the most distinctive titles of the gaming era. This guide will take you through the game, its cheats, characters, abilities, bonuses, items, enemies, and bosses.

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Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker play online

You can play Jackson’s Moonwalk online using an emulator for Sega Genesis. Some of the recommended online emulators include and These platforms allow you to experience the game’s retro graphics and engaging gameplay right from your web browser.

Cheat codes for Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker

Cheat CodeEffect
ABACABBInfinite magic
Up, Down, Left, Right, A+StartStart with 9 lives
Hold A + C + Up/Right and press StartLevel select

Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker – Playthrough online

A playthrough of Moonwalker online can give players a comprehensive view of the game, showcasing the entire sequence of levels and bosses. You can find these playthroughs on various online platforms like YouTube and Twitch, offering players an understanding of the game mechanics, characters, and narrative.

Characters and Abilities

  • Michael Jackson: The main character of the game. He uses various dance moves as his attacks and possesses a special dance magic that damages all enemies on screen.
  • Bubbles: Michael’s pet chimp who, when found, transforms Michael into Mecha Michael with increased power and range.
  • Mecha Michael: This is Michael’s transformed state with the ability to shoot magic stars and has invulnerability for a short duration.
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Bonuses and Items

  • Magic Sparkles: They recharge Michael’s dance magic.
  • MJ Hat: Gives an extra life.
  • Stars: Increases the score.
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Recommendations for Playing Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker

While playing Moonwalker, remember the following points:

  1. Save your dance magic for situations where there are multiple enemies.
  2. Look out for Bubbles, as transforming into Mecha Michael can drastically change the tide of a level.
  3. Explore each level thoroughly to find all children and score bonuses.
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Enemies and Bosses

The game features a variety of enemies, from suited gangsters to zombies. Boss battles are often against Mr. Big, the main antagonist, in different forms and machines.

Summary of Strengths and Weaknesses of Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker

Strengths: Unique gameplay, engaging music, and the inclusion of Michael Jackson’s signature dance moves as abilities make this game a standout. The game also boasts a good level of difficulty that keeps players engaged.

Weaknesses: The game could be repetitive for some players, and the necessity to rescue all children before advancing may frustrate some players. The graphics, while nostalgic, may not appeal to players used to modern, high-definition visuals.

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Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker FAQs

Are there any secrets or hidden content in Jackson's Moonwalk?

MJM may have secrets or hidden content that players can discover throughout the game, such as hidden power-ups, bonus stages, or secret areas.

Can I play Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker online?

King of Pop Adventure was primarily designed as a single-player game for Sega Genesis and does not have an official online multiplayer mode. However, there may be fan-made adaptations or emulators that allow online play.

How does Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker compare to other games of its time?

MoonDance stands out as a unique game for its time, combining action, music, and the iconic Michael Jackson persona. It incorporates his music and dance moves into gameplay, making it distinct from other games of that era.

How to play MJM?

To play Jackson's Moonwalk, players control Michael Jackson and defeat enemies using his dance moves and special attacks. The gameplay involves navigating through levels, rescuing children, and defeating bosses.

Is Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker A Difficult Game?

Jackson's Moonwalk offers a moderate level of difficulty, with some challenging sections and boss battles. However, with practice and mastery of Michael Jackson's abilities, players can overcome the challenges.

Is multiplayer available in MoonDance?

MJM does not have a traditional multiplayer mode. However, some versions of the game allow two players to play simultaneously by controlling different versions of Michael Jackson.

What Are The Secrets Of The Game Jackson's Moonwalk?

The secrets of MoonDance may include hidden power-ups, secret paths, or special dance moves that players can discover by exploring the game and experimenting with different actions.

What makes Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker a popular game?

MJM gained popularity due to its unique concept, incorporating Michael Jackson's music and dance elements into a video game. It appealed to both Michael Jackson fans and gamers, making it a memorable and popular title.

Which Version Of Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker Is Better?

Opinions on which version of Jackson's Moonwalk is better may vary among players. It is recommended to try different versions or platforms to determine personal preferences.