Parallel Measurement is a cinematic platformer action-adventure game, initially designed and developed by Éric Chahi. This game was first released for the Amiga and Atari ST but was later ported to various other popular platforms, notably the Sega Genesis(Mega Drive). Let’s explore the intricacies of its gameplay.

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Another World playthrough

Characters and Abilities

Another World isn’t your typical game, full of a myriad of characters; instead, it mainly features two key characters that players will play and interact with during their PLAYTHROUGH.

  • Lester Knight Chaykin: The protagonist of the story, a young physicist whose experiment goes awry, sending him to Another World.
  • Alien Companion: An unnamed alien entity who befriends Lester and aids him in his journey. The companion is a primary source of interaction within the game.

Abilities in Parallel Measurement are minimalistic, emphasizing problem-solving and tactical decision-making over an array of character skills. The player, controlling Lester, can make him run, jump, attack using a laser pistol, and perform other context-specific actions.

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Bonuses and Items

The game is not about gathering a multitude of items, but there is one crucial tool that you will get your hands on – the laser pistol. The laser pistol has three functionalities.

  1. Standard Shot: A quick, low-powered laser shot to kill enemies.
  2. Shield: Creates a temporary force field that can block enemy attacks.
  3. Power Shot: A charged energy blast capable of killing enemies and destroying certain barriers.

Recommendations for Playing Another World

Here are a few recommendations to enhance your playthrough of Another World, whether you’re playing on Sega Genesis, Sega Mega Drive, or online.

Take Your TimeThe game encourages exploration and patience. Understand the timing and mechanics of each enemy and puzzle before progressing.
Master the Laser PistolYour laser pistol is your primary tool for both offense and defense. Mastering all its functions can be the difference between life and death.
MemorizeThe game often uses trial and error as a teaching method. Memorize what you learned from previous attempts.
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Enemies and Bosses

Parallel Measurement features a host of alien creatures and enemies that will make your PLAYTHROUGH challenging.

  • Alien Soldiers: These are the standard foot soldiers. They carry laser pistols similar to Lester’s.
  • Black Beasts: Wild and aggressive alien creatures. They move quickly and can kill Lester in one hit.
  • Final Boss: This powerful enemy is a challenge to defeat and requires smart use of your laser pistol.
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Summary of Strengths and Weaknesses of Another World

Another World is a gem of its time, offering cinematic platformer gameplay with unique art and design. It stands out with its minimalist approach and storytelling that requires the player to piece together the narrative from the environment and actions rather than expository dialogue.

However, its minimalistic design is a double-edged sword. The lack of explicit instructions and harsh difficulty spikes can turn off some players. The emphasis on trial and error gameplay can be frustrating, and the relatively short playtime may disappoint players looking for a more extended play experience.

But these strengths and weaknesses make Extra Dimension what it is – an innovative title that dared to do things differently. Whether you’re playing it on Sega Genesis(Mega Drive), or online, this game is sure to leave an indelible impression.

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Another World FAQs

Are there any secrets or hidden content in Parallel Measurement?

There are no known secrets or hidden content in Extra Dimension.

How Do I Play Another World?

In Parallel Realm, you control a character named Lester Knight Chaykin who finds himself transported to a dangerous alien world. You navigate through the game's platforming and puzzle-solving levels, overcoming obstacles and avoiding enemies.

How does AW compare to other games of its time?

Reality Twist was highly regarded during its time for its cinematic storytelling, atmospheric graphics, and unique gameplay mechanics. It stood out as a groundbreaking and influential game.

How Many Bosses Are In Parallel Measurement?

Extra Dimension does not have traditional boss battles. The focus is more on the exploration and survival aspects of the game rather than boss encounters.

How to play Another World?

To play Parallel Measurement, you control the protagonist through various levels, overcoming obstacles and solving puzzles. The game emphasizes exploration and storytelling through cinematic sequences.

Is Another World A Difficult Game?

Parallel Realm can be challenging due to its puzzle-solving and platforming elements. It requires precise timing and observation to progress through the levels. However, the difficulty can vary depending on the player's skill and experience.

Is there a walkthrough available for Parallel Measurement?

There may be walkthroughs available online that provide guidance and strategies for playing Parallel Realm.

WHAT IS Another World FOR SEGA?

Reality Twist, also known as Out of This World, is an adventure platforming game released for the Sega Genesis console. It tells the story of a scientist transported to an alien world and his quest for survival and escape.

What Makes Another World Special?

Other Earth is known for its cinematic presentation, immersive storytelling, and atmospheric graphics. It introduced unique gameplay mechanics and a distinctive visual style that set it apart from other games of its time.

Which Version Of AW Is Better?

The Sega Genesis version of Other Earth is considered a faithful port of the original game. The gameplay experience would be similar across different platforms.